The best business coaching roller banner design of all time? Well maybe…

I quite like using city scapes as backgrounds for my work. The textured but linear backgrounds act as a good semi opaque layer to place copy on top. In this design we’ve used the NYC skyline.

Lead, Execute & Win are the key icon sections we’ve used.

It follows a fairly straight forward design and to be honnest could be applied to most industries. The text and images are fully editable in .psd and .ai form. I’ve even made a .pdf file too.

What I quite like about this banner is it’s designed for the Sidewinder roller banner. The Sidewinder almost completely hides the base when the banner is active. It’s an unsual and really top notch system. If you’re tired of seeing the same of banner stands, try the Sidewinder – it really does a great job with this design.

Design 4 is here.